We are offering following services to our clients.


For dogs that can't be left at home for extended periods of time, we also offer dog boarding in the homes of our pet sitters.  Your dog becomes an integrated member of the family and gets plenty of love and attention while you are away.

  • The pet owner is not inconvenienced or upset by having to transport the pet before leaving.
  • The pet owner does not have to impose on a friend, family member or neighbor (who sometimes forgets).
  • The pet owner's home is made more secure by crime deterrent measures provided by the pet sitter.
  • The owner is secure in the knowledge that while he or she is away the pet is in capable and caring hands.

DOG Training

Dog training is teaching a response to commands, or the performance of actions not necessarily natural to the dog, and also raising a dog accommodated to his environment by modifying natural digging, barking and eliminating behaviors. Dog training is defined as the purposeful changing of a dog's behavior.

Dog training can be socialisation to the domestic environment, basic obedience training or training for specialized activities including law enforcement, search and rescue, hunting, working with livestock, assistance to people with disabilities, entertainment, dog sports, detection and protecting people or property.

  • Puppy classes provide the opportunity for getting your new family member started off right. Puppy classes provide the experiences and opportunities for your puppy to develop interaction skills with other puppies, with people, and in new environments.
  • Puppy socialization has been found to be critical to the psychological health of adult dogs. Puppy classes provide the opportunity for this important fact of your puppy's upbringing.
  • Training classes provide dog owners the skills and knowledge for dealing with common, normal dog behaviors.
  • No matter what age you start training your dog, foundation training provides the basis for any activity, behavior or job you want your dog to do.
  • Training provides dogs with the basic good manners we all want.
  • A trained dog is a fully participating member of the family.


A pet sitter is a contracted service provider who takes care of a pet or other animal at its own home.

  • Possible reduced stress on pets because pets are cared for in their own homes.
  • No "travel trauma" to pets because they do not need to be transported anywhere.
  • Exposure to illnesses and parasites of other animals is minimized.
  • Required vaccinations are often less restrictive than those necessary at a kennel.
  • Pets stay on their regular routines and do not need to adapt to a new environment
  • Not having to deal with neighbors, friends or family members feeling that they are inconvenienced
  • Convenience for pets with health problems and mobility issues due to arthritis, dysplasia, incontinence, etc.

Spa & Grooming

Our groomers have been professionally trained and are highly qualified. They each have specialty breed-specific talents. We will make every effort to accommodate your individual  grooming requests.  Long hair or short, big or small, we groom them all with TENDER LOVING CARE and to the very best of our ability.

Taking your pet to the groomer should not be a stressful experience for you or your pet.  As long-time pet owners, we understand your concerns about how your dog or cat is cared for, and can assure you that your pet will be treated with the same respect and loving care we give our own pets.


We have good quality puppies for sale. We are selling good quality puppies with proper registration. Our puppies parents are KCI registered parents. Our pet owners are well disciplined and true dog lovers.

Stud Service

The actual stud service itself is the act of the male dog mating with the female that is in heat. Unless you happen to own your own breeding male, you'll likely need to use an outside stud on your bitch. However, many first time breeders don't know what to expect from this experience, so here is a breakdown of the way many professional breeders handle the situation.